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Beijing had made headlines recently due to smog. But believe it or not, it isn't the world's most polluted city.

STORM WATCH: Southern Ontario braces for heavy weekend snow

MUST SEE: Losing control on slick, snowy street

Snow filled start to Winterlude 2014

Only in Canada...

Heated sidewalks: Dream big or dream on?

Earthquakes in Vancouver would cause more intense shaking than previously thought, study says

Fashion Forecast: Staying stylish in sub-zero temperatures

Blowing snow hits Newfoundland, travel not recommended

'Wintermission:' Ontario warms up, freezing rain and flood risk increases

Newfoundland blasted with snow, strong winds

Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert

Where are the monarch butterflies going?

USA Today names Lake Louise most scenic. Our own photographers agree

STORM WATCH: Head's up southern Ontario, heavy snow expected Saturday

Dufferin County update: Some roads reopen, state of emergency remains

Another wet year? Early flood predictions for southern Alberta released

Southern Ontario weekend weather: Wind, cold and white out threats

Whiteout threat in southern Ontario this weekend

Heavy rain, snow intensify in BC, warnings issued

STORM WATCH: New system brings rain, freezing rain to Atlantic Canada

Alberta: Mild today, cold and snowy tomorrow

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