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Five people are dead and at least 30 still missing after a fire destroyed a seniors' residence in Quebec. Officials are using steam to melt the ice that has encased the building.

New Brunswick: More than 600 cases of H1N1 virus

Another wet year? Early flood predictions for southern Alberta released

Southern Ontario weekend weather: Wind, cold and white out threats

Fashion Forecast: Staying stylish in sub-zero temperatures

Whiteout threat in southern Ontario this weekend

It's warmer in the Yukon than Orlando...FLORIDA?

Phase two of Nor'easter slams Atlantic Canada

Drivers beware: Snow, blowing snow could impact travel in Ontario this weekend

Quebec hits all-time high for power consumption amid cold snap

Extreme wind chills of -40 hit Manitoba

Avalanche control in the west: Reducing risks of the unpredictable

Heated sidewalks: Dream big or dream on?

Earthquakes in Vancouver would cause more intense shaking than previously thought, study says

Atlantic Canada blizzard: Newfoundland digs out

Edmonton native heading to Sochi, thanks kindness of strangers

Blowing snow hits Newfoundland, travel not recommended

Blizzard aftermath: More school closures as Maritimers dig out

Heaviest snowfall of year shuts down the U.S.

Sun dogs brighten southern Ontario skies

Too cold for school?

After 31 months of hibernation, Rosetta is ready to hunt asteroids

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