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The system pushing into southern Ontario Saturday will migrate into Atlantic Canada on Sunday, bringing up to 20 cm of snow to some places.

Beautiful jewelry made out of pottery destroyed during Japan tsunami

Skiing full tilt, in full kilt

MUST SEE: When a simple canoe ride takes an otherworldly turn

You have to see this stunning timelapse of the Milky Way

Rain, winds and some snow target the east coast

Vancouver skyline getting a $200 million makeover

Quebec fire: Officials use steam to melt icy rubble

2013: Canada's worst year for insured losses?

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake sends buildings swaying in Havana, Cuba

Dangerously cold temps grip the Prairies prompting bus cancellations, leaving drivers stranded

Alberta: Mild today, cold and snowy tomorrow

Daily Digital Countdown: Winter drinks

Scientists discover new river dolphin species

Heated sidewalks in western Canada's future?

Climate change - the stick figure edition

Southern Ontario: Cold and stormy weekend ahead

Major multi-vehicle pileup closes Highway 401 east of Toronto

New Brunswick: More than 600 cases of H1N1 virus

Wet, windy pattern continues across British Columbia

STORM WATCH: New system brings rain, freezing rain to Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland blasted with snow, strong winds

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