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Florida rescuers manage to herd a pd of pilot whales, heading for a stranding, back into deeper waters.

Strong earthquake hits New Zealand: 'Hobbit' sculpture falls

Cute Countdown: Orphan cougar kittens

Manatees tired of cold, swim to warmer water

Not your typical walk in the park: Squirrels invade Alabama

Eat right and stay healthy this winter

Major flooding, volcanic eruptions in Indonesia

Families flee flood waters as Buffalo river bursts its banks

Delays cause travel chaos at Montreal, Toronto airports

Drastic temperature swing on the way for southern Ontario

STORM WATCH: Blizzard tapers in the Maritimes but continues to pack a punch in Newfoundland

Injured pelicans nursed to health together

Zoo visitors brave cold to meet new panda cub

Meet the world's cutest panda!

Heightened avalanche risk in B.C.

Snow causes slow and slippery commute in southern Ontario

Blizzard conditions, low visibility prompts road closures in Manitoba

Australia: Heat wave worsens fires

Giant panda leaves San Diego for new life in China

January thaw: Protect your home

Treacherous travel as snow squall, blizzard warnings cover Ontario

Winnipeg cold grounds flights into the city

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