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Man dies fighting Australian wildfire that destroys nearly 50 homes near west coast city of Perth.

Heavy rainfall contributes to train derailment near Vancouver

MUST-SEE: Winds blow down half-built condo

Frozen sidewalks and flood risk in Ontario

'Wintermission:' Ontario warms up, freezing rain and flood risk increases

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake sends buildings swaying in Havana, Cuba

Pearson's ground stop affects travelers across the country

Damaging winds, freezing rain push into Newfoundland

Dangerously cold temps grip the Prairies prompting bus cancellations, leaving drivers stranded

Risk of late weekend snowstorm looms for southern Ontario

Alberta: Mild today, cold and snowy tomorrow

Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert

Cute Countdown: Baby polar bear's first steps

Wet, windy pattern continues across British Columbia

Heavy rain, snow intensify in BC, warnings issued

January thaw: Protect your home

The Melt: Ontario, Quebec to climb out of the deep freeze

Flash flood fears over U.S. Niagara River ice jams

STORM WATCH: New system brings rain, freezing rain to Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland blasted with snow, strong winds

High avalanche risk closes part of the Trans Canada Highway in BC

City of Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert

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