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After weather initially slowed recovery efforts at a Quebec seniors' residence that caught fire last week, officials now say their search is progressing well.

Winter escape to the south? Think again

Winter storm brings chaos to U.S.

Dipping temps prompt City of Ottawa to issue this 'rare' warning

Heavy snow knocks out power to thousands in Nova Scotia

Haiti marks fourth anniversary of devastating earthquake

A glimpse of the cosmic 'Hand of God'

Evacuations ordered after Guatemala volcano erupts

January thaw: Protect your home

Drastic temperature swing on the way for southern Ontario

Endangered Species: China takes a stand against illegal ivory trade

Injured pelicans nursed to health together

Blowing snow causes multi-vehicle pileup in Quebec, shuts down part of a major highway

Experts say this daily ritual could be chipping years off our lives

Cold front blasts Ontario: What you need to know

Giant panda leaves San Diego for new life in China

Heavy rainfall contributes to train derailment near Vancouver

MUST-SEE: Winds blow down half-built condo

Delays cause travel chaos at Montreal, Toronto airports

Northern lights to peak Thursday evening

Whale beer: tasty or tasteless?

Train derailment near Plaster Rock, New Brunswick sparks large fire

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