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Man dies fighting Australian wildfire that destroys nearly 50 homes near west coast city of Perth.

Frozen waterfalls draw in thousands of tourists

A glimpse of the cosmic 'Hand of God'

Delays cause travel chaos at Montreal, Toronto airports

January thaw: Protect your home

Drastic temperature swing on the way for southern Ontario

Most violent storm in years lashes Nunavut's capital

Damaging winds, freezing rain push into Newfoundland

Heavy snow hits northern Ontario, snowfall warnings issued

Parts of the Prairies deal with blizzard conditions

City of Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert

Injured pelicans nursed to health together

Heavy rainfall contributes to train derailment near Vancouver

MUST-SEE: Winds blow down half-built condo

Some stars have their own (awful) weather

Series of storms bring heavy rain, snow to B.C.

Cold weather eases in Ontario, road and air travel still impacted

Pearson's ground stop affects travelers across the country

Puppies, bear cubs, babies! Your Cute Countdown

High avalanche risk closes part of the Trans Canada Highway in BC

STORM WATCH: Blizzard conditions for Atlantic Canada, warnings issued

Twelve-year-old activist takes on SeaWorld again

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