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We wish we were exaggerating, but we aren't. Watch as Leonardo the boxer makes YouTube history.

A screening of the film 'Noah' was cancelled, and you won't believe why

Atlantic Canada flood watch: 'Our preparation started years ago'

Giant hole opens up on Quebec road

Measles outbreak: Why is it happening?

Alberta's warming temps prompt emergency advisory

Monday could be the first 20 degree day in Canada this year, but where?

What happens when most of our polar ice is gone?

Ontario: Sunday sunshine will give way to April showers

Destructive ice storm takes toll on Atlantic Canada

Get cracking: This underwater egg trick will wow you

Measles outbreak: How to protect yourself

Space faces? Five weird NASA images

Is that a Martian's campfire?

River levels could reach 'flood stage' in Ottawa

Roadside detectives: Help identify Ontario's worst roads

Does rain have a scent?

Cute Countdown: Lion meets his cubs for the first time

Sick toddler rescued from stranded sailboat

THIS could possibly be the most Canadian police chase ever

Valet parks car ... in the ocean

Major snowfall buries house in northern Ontario

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