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Emergency crews had to move quickly to put out a large grass fire that erupted not far from a big southern Alberta community.

We asked, you delivered: Best of fall photos!

Flooding rain, damaging winds lash parts of BC

Heavy rain sweeps across parts of Ontario

Massive hay fire too big to put out

Heavy rain, flash floods hit Newfoundland

CHINA: At least 18 people killed in unusual wave of hornet attacks

Man survives bear attack

Digging through the archives: Spooky weather photos

Ugly Animal Preservation society names world's ugliest animal

Record heat invades the west

Severe storms down trees, power lines in southern Ontario

Tropical Storm Jerry forms in the Atlantic

B.C. residents take Twitter by 'storm'

Decline of coral reefs accelerating

Sochi declares State of Emergency due to flooding

Fashion Forecast: What to Wear for the Weather at a West Coast Apple Festival

Mysterious plane found at bottom of lake

Tropical Storms Ingrid, Manuel take aim at Mexico

Atlantic Canada braces for heavy rain, possible flooding

Frost warnings for northern Ontario

Threat for severe storms continues in New Brunswick

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