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Some apple growers may have lost more than half of their crops following hail storms in B.C.

Feeling under the weather? Experts say stay home

Zombie storms?

Earthquake jolts Yellowstone National Park

Space cat: The next animal astronaut?

A look back at Calgary's snowiest September to date

A map of the forest

Warmer ocean rapidly melting glacier

Greener future ahead for a Prince Edward Island city

California aims to develop new earthquake warning system

Transatlantic balloon voyage cut short

Flash flooding leads to closure of national park in Texas

Alberta sets application deadline for flood recovery funds

Historical hurricane tracks

Lightning storm cuts power to thousands in BC

Ingrid weakens to a tropical storm after making landfall near La Pesca

Italy's Costa Concordia shipwreck to be pulled to surface thanks to favourable weather conditions

Firing all retro-rockets!

State of emergency continues in 6 northern Ontario communities

Man killed after two-vehicle collision in heavy rain on New Brunswick road

Robots could replace humans as dogs' best friends

Devastating floods force hundreds to evacuate in New Mexico

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