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Some apple growers may have lost more than half of their crops following hail storms in B.C.

Feeling under the weather? Experts say stay home

Alberta sets application deadline for flood recovery funds

Robots could replace humans as dogs' best friends

Flash flooding leads to closure of national park in Texas

'Fairy Circle' mystery uncovered

Ice foils jet ski adventurers in Northwest Passage

NASA prepares to launch probe Friday

TIFF: Celeb watching in style

Tropical Storm Lorena prompts warnings for Mexico's Pacific coast

Listen to the sounds of the ocean

Heavy rain to drench the west coast

NASA finds chemical used to make plastic in space

State of emergency continues in 6 northern Ontario communities

Devastating floods force hundreds to evacuate in New Mexico

When neutron stars collide...we get gold?

On the hunt for black holes

Purr-fection: Dallas Zoo welcomes cheetah cubs

Storm leaves passengers stranded at Vancouver's airport

Climate change to blame for fresh water scarcity in Caribbean?

Authorities identify cause of massive fire in Yosemite

Fog leads to massive pileup in London, England

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