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The rain started Friday night in parts of the southwest, and will continue in many places Saturday.

Super typhoon Usagi moves over Taiwan

Daring couple says "I Do" 116 storeys above ground

CALLOUT: Search and Rescue- Mother and son capsize canoe

WATCH: Frozen frogs thaw out, come back to life

MUST SEE: Eagle-cam captures majestic view of the French Alps

New species of legless lizards found at LA airport

Weather drones and forecasting

Temps cool, rain pushes into the Prairies

Colorado man plays piano inside flooded home

Waterspout spotted south of Cape Scott, Vancouver Island

NOAA launches website containing data collected during BP oil spill

Environmentally-friendly cement that's stronger than traditional cement

U.S. explorers find 1890 shipwreck of a Canadian schooner in Lake Ontario

Fashion forecast: What to wear for the weather in Kenora, Ontario

The Harvest Moon in photos

What's in the water? Lake Ontario turns neon blue

Manuel re-strengthens into a hurricane

Don't miss the Harvest Moon

NASA 3D flyby captures Mexico's flooding rains

WATCH: Timelapse of Costa Concordia rising

Are you ready? Only five days till fall

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