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"If we had a 7.7 as close to Vancouver, we would expect a death toll probably in the thousands and damage numbers, probably at least $100 billion," warns Dr. Brent Ward.

Unique rain garden soaks up stormwater like sponge

Want to speak with an alien? Well, here's how ...

Early winter storm to bring as much as 60 cm of snow

Temps cool, rain pushes into the Prairies

Waterspout spotted south of Cape Scott, Vancouver Island

Zombie storms?

Lightning storm cuts power to thousands in BC

More rain to hit flood-affected northern Ontario

Meteor brings sonic booms over southern U.S.

Welcome to hailstorm alley

Scientists discover megashark fossils off Canary coast

Bat-toad: The weirdest toad you'll ever see

At least 39 dead in Pakistan quake, which spawned new island

Don't miss the Harvest Moon

NASA 3D flyby captures Mexico's flooding rains

Are you ready? Only five days till fall

NOAA launches website containing data collected during BP oil spill

Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

Late summer sizzler breaks records in southern Ontario

Report: Snowshoe hares can't keep pace with climate change

The LADEE in the moon

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