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Fashion Forecast: What to Wear for the Weather at a Roughriders Game in Regina

Watch for waterspouts in Ontario

Massive fire on New Jersey's Seaside Park Boardwalk

2013 national summer stats: Rainfall tells the story (so far)

Heavy rain soaks the Maritimes, gradually easing Monday

Water from within moon's interior detected for first time

No shark cage, no problem: Nyad finishes historic swim

Tornado spotted in Fergus, Ontario

Yosemite fire becomes fourth largest in California history as containment continues

Test-firing 3D printed rocket parts

Warning over Lake Erie algae blooms

LADEE frog photobomb

CALLOUT: Search and Rescue- A missing jet skier

Month's worth of rain floods homes in Newfoundland

Climbers from B.C. and Alberta recovering in hospital after fall from Mount Rainier

Strong morning storms spawn tornado warnings in southern Ontario Monday

Major fire guts beloved St. Jacobs Market near Waterloo, Ontario

Shooting the starry (and sometimes stormy) skies

Strong earthquake strikes off eastern Indonesia, causes panic in East Timor

Name that space-blob!

Weather rarity: No Atlantic hurricanes in August

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