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The calendar may say fall, but Mother Nature has something different to say in Montana.

Race to retrieve sunken chopper from frigid Arctic waters

Alberta June flooding the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history

Swarm of bees delay U.S. baseball game

MUST SEE: Experience the sights and sounds of Honolulu, Hawaii in two minutes!

WATCH: Frozen frogs thaw out, come back to life

What's in the water? Lake Ontario turns neon blue

Manuel re-strengthens into a hurricane

WATCH: Timelapse of Costa Concordia rising

Late summer sizzler breaks records in southern Ontario

Report: Snowshoe hares can't keep pace with climate change

The LADEE in the moon

More delays for spaceship rendezvous

Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2013

What's the big deal about fall?

Fashion forecast: What to wear for the weather in Kenora, Ontario

MUST SEE: Eagle-cam captures majestic view of the French Alps

New species of legless lizards found at LA airport

Colorado man plays piano inside flooded home

Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

Meteor brings sonic booms over southern U.S.

Welcome to hailstorm alley

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