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A deadly earthquake in Pakistan has killed at least 40 people and was strong enough to create a new island off the Gwadar coastline.

What's killing these fish?

More stormy weather ahead for Atlantic Canada, eastern Quebec

Line of storms triggers tornado warnings in southern, eastern Ontario

Humberto becomes first hurricane of Atlantic season

Ontarians weigh in on one-day warm snap

Meteor brings sonic booms over southern U.S.

Want to see what 170 years of cyclone activity looks like?

Who's ready for July heat in September?

Welcome to hailstorm alley

Iced helicopter strands USGS employees atop remote Alaskan volcano

On the hunt for black holes

Gabrielle weakens, still a threat to Atlantic Canada

More rain to hit flood-affected northern Ontario

Newsmaker porpoise released in B.C. after near death experience

Late summer sizzler breaks records in southern Ontario

High altitude balloon launch grounded by weather

Report: Snowshoe hares can't keep pace with climate change

Saved by the cellphone light

Rubber ducks invade the Assiniboine River

'Fairy Circle' mystery uncovered

The LADEE in the moon

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