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Time waster alert: Mother Jones creates 'eco-doom' headline generator. (We promise what you find inside will change ow you look at climate change ...)

Hundreds evacuate as Hurricane Raymond threatens Mexico's coast

Too dangerous for children's eyes

"Largest storm in the world" lashes eastern India

WATCH: Birth of the El Reno tornado

Storm prompts rainfall warning for southern Saskatchewan, Manitoba

'Lucky pup' saved by a nose

Fashion forecast: What to wear for Thanksgiving

Dense fog prompts school bus cancellations once again

Talk about timing: Photographer captures precision shot

What caused the blueberry boom in PEI?

Large storm prompts snowfall warning in Iqaluit

Scientists recover half-ton meteor chunk from Russian lake

Toronto says farewell to elephants

Are Phailin's winds the strongest-ever?

Don't let traffic ruin your Thanksgiving

Signs of winter show up in southern Alberta

Rex Block saves Thanksgiving for Atlantic Canada

Yarnell 'fire raccoon' a symbol of hope

Underwater panoramas show destruction of world's coral reefs

Sharks devour whale carcass

Power slowly restored across Quebec

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