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No electricity at home? A squirrel might be to blame.

Fashion Forecast: October is perfect poncho weather

Toronto's storm of the century

Heavy rainfall floods Austin

Close encounters of the "bear" kind

Toronto says farewell to elephants

Storm prompts rainfall warning for southern Saskatchewan, Manitoba

'Lucky pup' saved by a nose

Fashion forecast: What to wear for Thanksgiving

Dense fog prompts school bus cancellations once again

Sharks devour whale carcass

Large storm prompts snowfall warning in Iqaluit

TIMELAPSE: A space shuttle's final journey

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! What are you thankful for?

Seals return home at B.C. beach

Typhoon Nari hits the Philippines

Don't let traffic ruin your Thanksgiving

Signs of winter show up in southern Alberta

Rex Block saves Thanksgiving for Atlantic Canada

Yarnell 'fire raccoon' a symbol of hope

Underwater panoramas show destruction of world's coral reefs

Power slowly restored across Quebec

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