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The Weather Network releases the 2013 Winter Outlook. Find out what's in store for Atlantic Canada.

2013/14 Winter Outlook: Greater Toronto Area

Ontario digs out of 70 cm of snow, more on the way

New dinosaur may have been the true "rex"

YOUR PICS: London's winter wonderland

Collisions, highway shutdowns as snowsqualls arrive in Ontario

This Grey Cup forecast is hilarious and awesome

Strong winds leave three dead in California

Grey Cup outlook

Strong winds and thunderstorm potential in Ontario

UPDATE: Typhoon Haiyan death toll could reach 10,000, say officials

Worldwide wine shortage?

Look Ahead: Major storm to hit Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes mid-week

Three dead after heavy rainfall in Greece

More than 100 dogs rescued in Oklahoma

Badger lifts state of emergency

Major snow storm hits Southern Rockies

Winter-like storm, damaging winds prompt state of emergency in Badger, Newfoundland

Biggest lake-effect snow of season in southern Ontario this weekend

Heavy rainfall leaves villages isolated in Thailand

How you can help the Philippines

Christmas trees are coming ...

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