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Snow squalls will gradually ease across southern Ontario Thursday as parts of eastern Ontario dig out of first major snowfall.

U.S. tornado outbreak leaves trail of destruction

Alberta winter wallop saw dozens of collisions

Potential thunderstorms and strong winds in Ontario this weekend

Windy, but mild across southern Ontario

Snow squalls cause travel chaos in southern Ontario

'Obey the rules of the road' when attending Remembrance Day events

CN freight train derails west of Saskatoon

WATCH: Rare black kangaroo spotted in Russia

Christmas trees are coming ...

Grow a MO and raise some dough!

Fiery crash leaves one dead; brings busy highway to a halt

PHOTOS: Massive destruction, complete devastation

B.C. snow bad news for drivers, great news for skiers

Fashion Forecast: Luxurious layers and sleek style

Storm Hunters: Welcome to the Arctic!

Rain, wind and snow to blast Newfoundland Monday

Deer back in wild after having arrow removed from head

Where does poppy money go?

A look back: Hamilton, Ontario tornado of 2005

Brr! Mid-winter temps arrive early, reach double-digits in windchill

Worldwide wine shortage?

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