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A pair of samoyeds stolen during the Alberta floods have returned home, thanks to tips received on social media.

Texas drought emergency extended for 200+ counties

Florida teen rides whale shark

Sick, sunburned bottlenose dolphin rescued in Florida

Powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off Nicaragua coast

Man's best friend helps with summer chores

Canada's Sapphire satellite tracks objects in space

Deadly monsoon rains strike Sri Lanka

Plane from Boston to Palm Beach diverts to New Jersey after lightning strike

Post-Tropical Storm Andrea tracks along U.S. east coast

Watch: The cutest two minutes of your day

Do mermaids exist? New 'documentary' had people believing so

India: Temple submerged by floods from heavy rains

Sinkhole shuts down Saskatchewan Highway.

Firefighters advance containment on Colorado wildfire as grim landscape emerges

Quebec fires blow smoke over New Brunswick

Sun emits mid-level solar flare

Top 5 summer cocktails sure to keep you cool this summer

Tracking a superstorm: A new look at Sandy

Brightening the galaxy's dark corners

Seven puppies to good homes, thanks to the RCMP

NASA video shows what lies beneath Antarctica's ice surface

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