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A pair of samoyeds stolen during the Alberta floods have returned home, thanks to tips received on social media.

Texas drought emergency extended for 200+ counties

Florida teen rides whale shark

Man's best friend helps with summer chores

Canada's Sapphire satellite tracks objects in space

Montreal's air quality improving

Failsafe? Storm bunkers can save lives in Tornado Alley

Forest palms producing smaller seeds in Brazilian rainforest

Puffins threatened in the United States

A galaxy caught in the act of dying

Heavy rainfall brings more flooding to Midwestern United States

Do mermaids exist? New 'documentary' had people believing so

India: Temple submerged by floods from heavy rains

Firefighters advance containment on Colorado wildfire as grim landscape emerges

Worst over for Newfoundland as Andrea swirls out to sea

Post-Tropical Storm Andrea tracks along U.S. east coast

Protecting your baby from harmful UV rays

El Reno tornado widest in U.S. history

Sixth tornado of the year confirmed in Ontario

Could the first hurricane of the Atlantic season be upon us?

Beware of deer

Car accident in Florida: one alpaca injured

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