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Crews rushed to contain a blaze that prompted evacuations and a dramatic helicopter rescue.

How effective is antibacterial soap?

The storm through your lens

Philippines: Death toll continues to climb

Winter storm takes aim at Ontario

Another winter wallop heading to Atlantic Canada

Health minute: Kids and winter weather

Too cold? There's a beer for that!

Winter storm targets Ontario and Atlantic Canada

Meet the most well-travelled man in the world

Who needs Mother Nature? Mushrooms create their own weather!

A massive 3-D map of the Great Barrier Reef

Meet NASA's 'superhero' robot: Valkyrie

STORM WATCH: Powerful storm blasts southern Ontario

Prince Harry reaches the South Pole

Global weirding: Experts say extreme weather is here to stay

Snow squalls dump over 40 cm in Ontario, threat continues

Minivan crash causes natural gas leak in Ohio

Western Canada: The coldest place on Earth?

Scientists pinpoint cause of 2011 Japan tsunami

Winter storm, Arctic cold to blast the west

India's spacecraft journeys to Mars

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