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Feeling blue this holiday season? Some blame their lacklustre mood to seasonal affective disorder -- or "SAD".

STORM WATCH: Back-to-back storms slam Atlantic Canada

Piranha attacks leave 70 injured in Argentina

Another winter storm takes aim at Atlantic Canada

Hungry? Here: Have a slice of the Sun

SantaWatch: Following Santa around the world

Deadly tornadoes touch down in the U.S.

Winter storm watch issued in southwestern Quebec

The storm through your lens

Snow squalls dump over 40 cm in Ontario, threat continues

Too cold? There's a beer for that!

Meet the most well-travelled man in the world

Blowing snow, treacherous highways in the Prairies

YOUR PICS: Christmas across the country

Thousands spend Christmas without power

Take a look at the biggest Christmas wreath in the universe

Fighting the cold leaves many with gas poisoning in southern Ontario

Wintry mix pushes into Atlantic Canada...again

Meet NASA's 'superhero' robot: Valkyrie

Prince Harry reaches the South Pole

Minivan crash causes natural gas leak in Ohio

Western Canada: The coldest place on Earth?

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