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Heavy snow and frigid temps continue to grip parts of western Canada.

"Dangerously cold air" takes hold in the Prairies

Blowing snow, treacherous highways in the Prairies

Arrive alive this holiday season

Can my smartphone get a cold?

Winter weather invades Atlantic Canada

PHOTOS: Signs of destruction as major storm hits Europe

Snow, wind chills for... southern BC?

Damaging winds hit Atlantic Canada, power slowly restored

Power outages and traffic problems across Atlantic Canada

2013: What's to blame for Canada's dip in tornado activity?

Heavy snow hits BC's Interior, Arctic air moves in

STORM WATCH: Back-to-back storms slam Atlantic Canada

Toronto issues cold weather alert, thousands still without power

Deadly tornadoes touch down in the U.S.

WARNING: Clear off snow from your car (or get out your wallet)

Winter smog: More common than you think

Hurricane-force winds slam parts of Europe

Highway closures, bus cancellations in northern Ontario

Snow eases across southern Manitoba, warnings dropped

Winter driving: Freezing rain, heavy snow hits Ontario

Roads still treacherous in Alberta, Saskatchewan

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