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Scientists have toyed with the idea of bringing extinct animals back for decades. Now, science and technology could make it a reality.

Science behind the Fall Outlook

Storms roll through Ontario

WATCH: Daring flood rescue

6.1 magnitude earthquake rattles Mexico City

Funky new take on 'transit of Venus'

Dead star found to be hiding strongest magnet in the universe

Nova Scotia medical officer asks for inspection of Bayswater Beach

High risk of forest fires throughout Saskatchewan

Japan's mysterious 'underwater crop circles', explained

Alberta after the flood season

Dorian regenerates into tropical depression east of Florida

Crooked bush remains a botanical mystery

Tropical Storm Fernand moves toward Mexico

Endangered Species: Zoos and conservation

A look back: 1970 Sudbury tornado left six dead

Above-seasonal rainfall in Australia put rising sea levels on hold in 2010 and 2011

It's official: Weekend saw first snowfall, but where?

Breathtaking 'swirl of clouds' captured over the Pacific

Photographer captures both aurora AND noctilucent clouds

Sakurajima volcano spews ash across nearby city

Living on Mars: What happened in a year

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