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We probably don't have to remind you, but this winter has been cold, and it's not over yet.

Salt in Wounds: Are we destroying our lakes with road salt?

This is how the 'snow bear' creator made its belly button

Groundhog Day still matters, so put your grievances aside

Mild winter leads to tick explosion in Calgary

Guru or fraud? We investigated five groundhogs

SNOW SQUALL 101: 11 things to carry in your car this winter

Five terrible things extreme cold does to the human body

Nine weird winter festivals we'll need this season

2019 forecast update: Winter locks in for next two months

Beat the blues with green: 4 houseplants to grow this winter

Welcome to meteorological winter!

Weathering the winter woes: Four tips to a healthier season

Chris Hadfield's guide to Canada's winter from space

Winter air quality is often worse than in summer. Here's why

Toronto-area gas stations running low after extreme weather

Road salt is bad for the environment. The alternative, here

Glacier melt exposes 40,000 year-old Baffin Island plants

Winter safety: How shovelling snow can lead to heart attacks

Winter tire myths: What you need to know for safer driving

Missed the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse? Watch it here!

Holiday Snow Report: Down to the wire for white Christmas

What options do we have to help us fight the cold and flu?

9-year-old boy persuades U.S. town to revoke snowball ban

Unintended consequences, creating weather out of thin air

What can snowbirds expect from Winter 2019?

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