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A moisture-laden Atlantic storm system is on track to hit the Maritimes and Newfoundland Wednesday and Thursday, bringing rainfall, strong winds, and some highland snow for western New Brunswick as a fast moving shot of cold air floods in behind the system.

Snow squalls set up, here's where drivers should beware

Flooding and landslide concern in southern B.C.

Intense lake-effect snow sets up dicey Monday AM commute

Winter safety: How shovelling snow can lead to heart attacks

Five terrible things extreme cold does to the human body

Canada's largest national park under threat. Here's why

Watch NASA launch the latest next-gen weather sat into space

Russia confirms radiation release, possible nuclear incident

What is La Niña? And how does it impact global weather

Avoiding a pileup rests on remembering these driving tips

Rear view camera systems and winter driving

WATCH: Fireball turns night into day in Finland

Here's why gas prices are so high, and what to expect next

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