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After a 30 C start to fall for many across southern Ontario, this weekend's plunge in temperatures (and accompanying frost, for some) are an unwelcome change of weather.

Bouts of rain with strong winds kick off fall season in B.C.

Prolonged period of heavy rain hits the Prairies with 60+ mm

Recipe for life on Mars may lie in 'marsquakes'

Frosty Friday in Eastern Canada. Here are 20 chilling photos

Underwater gliders could improve hurricane predictions

Hottest summer on record for two of Canada's largest cities

Here's how a wobble in Earth's axis scattered humanity

Royals' tour of Canada hits on beauty, best of fall weather

Nestlé outbids Ontario community on well purchase

More beneficial rain hits drought-stricken Maritimes

Earth is losing oxygen, new study confirms

Cold Canadian air fuels volatile fall weather in the south

Tropical Storm Lisa gains momentum, as Karl targets Bermuda

Why do leaves change colour in the fall?

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