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Many people look forward to raw oysters, and raw oyster bars are popular at some trendy restaurants. However, they (along with other under-cooked seafood) can put you at risk for food-borne illnesses.

Sinkhole opens up on White House lawn

The search for Nessie: Scientists plan Loch Ness DNA hunt

Adorable photos of baby chameleons to brighten your day

Odds jump for first tropical storm of season: What we see

Iconic Canadian skyline gets wooden makeover, here's why

Weird 'Trojan in Retreat" asteroid may be an ancient alien

Your vacation choices might be making you sick, here's why

Bitcoin mining may consume 0.5% of world's energy

5 things you can do to keep your home from flooding

Ticks, mosquitoes bringing more diseases: What you can do

Prince Albert National Park fire grows amid extreme ratings

WATCH: Moose calf rescued from muddy riverside by Albertans

Tornado Alley may be on the move; see where it's headed

Atlantic: What's ahead after rainy Sunday, frost advisories

Road trip? Watch out for stowaway bats, province warned

Colombia evacuates nearly 5,000 amid fears dam may burst

Troops dispatched to B.C., where are they heading?

Ontario heat also bring STRONGEST storms of the year

'Feels like 40' on the Prairies, fuel for 'isolated tornado'

SNOW WARNINGS issued with risk of 30 cm, here's where

World Turtle Day: Two turtle species that need your help

A visit to Taj Mahal could me limited since it's 'dying'

Experts: Florida's Sinkhole Alley active after heavy rain

Painting the town white? See what's behind LA's paint plans

Plumes of 'laze' new threat as lava pours from Kilauea

Look but DON'T TOUCH: 8 TOXIC plants in Canadian gardens

Two lynx yell each other on the road and it's amazing: VIDEO

Canada Uncovered: Our untold stories of limitless adventure

Caught on Camera: Two skydivers killed in mid-air collision

Some evacuation orders rescinded in B.C. Interior

Skies clear, FROST advisories in effect for southern Ontario

Historic buildings destroyed in Brandon blaze, wind a factor

How to clean your BBQ with an onion and 15 other pro tips

Beneficial rain for dry, fire prone areas in northern Ont.

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