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While temperatures are expected to rebound this weekend, parts of southern and eastern Ontario can expect another round of freezing rain Sunday. Here's what the weekend brings.

Here are 7 family-friendly things to do during Earth Hour

Extreme drought in East Africa, 20 million lives at risk

Cloud Atlas leaps into 21st century with 12 new cloud types

15 buildings destroyed after book burning sparks wildfire

Arctic winter ice breaks record low for third year straight

These massive rivers have just been given legal rights

5 Must-Know Tips for Living with Allergies

Spring begins: Freezing rain then more snow for East Coast

See what it's like to fly through stunning Southern Lights

Blizzard conditions ease, here's what's next for East Coast

World's largest man-made sun tested by scientists in Germany

The oldest ice in Canada is dwindling fast

Sharp cool-down, unsettled conditions for southern Ontario

Park Board bans captive whales at Vancouver Aquarium

Remnants of Earth's original crust found in Canada

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