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Forecasters are still keeping an eye on system that has a chance to affect Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula with a dash of winter weather.

Snow on the way for B.C.'s South Coast and Alberta

Watch P.E.I. ice boat whip around at 100 km/h

'Classic' winter? Where we blew it (and where we nailed it)

Rain for southern Ontario followed by battle of the seasons

Visit Orlando: Biggest bang for your buck

Travel healthy and smart, no matter the season

Southern Ontario warmth continues until Colorado low hits

Challenge your knowledge of spring with our fun quiz

Heavy snowfall continues for northern Manitoba, 30+ cm

Forget Frosty, Chubby the Snowman is new winter mascot

The plan to re-freeze the Arctic with millions of wind pumps

The Family Day forecast you'll want to read, right here

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