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We went digging through the archives and found 13 stunning photos of clouds that could serve as the backdrop to a horror film.

Supervolcano: How much warning time would we have?

Cold front brings thunderstorm risk to the Maritimes

Severe storms blast Ontario with heavy rain, lightning

After days of severe storms, what's next for the Prairies?

Canadian astro tweet leads to amazing Milky Way discovery

Drownings in Canada most common among young men

Summer is no joke: 10 photos of major storm damage

Tornado risk in Quebec as storms spark

Plant that can cause third-degree burns in Canada

Extreme heat reduces integrity of child car seat

A year of Earth's weather from a million miles away

Drone footage captures dolphin family in Newfoundland

Star Trek: Spock's home system is totally a real place

One dead as California wildfire rages out of control

'Crazy' light show kicks off work week in southern Ontario

Here's the town where it just hit 54 degrees

Four ways extreme heat plays havoc with society

Swimmers beware: Shark sighting in Nova Scotia

7 terrifying photos of gigantic hailstones

Bouncy grass in the Arctic hides dangerous secret

Awesome: When three typhoons spin harmlessly, we all win

Mother Nature's beautiful finale to violent Prairie storms

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