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Firefighters in Brandon, Man., continue to tackle hot spots Sunday afternoon after a series of fires broke out in the downtown core Saturday.

After a gloomy Saturday, what's ahead for Sunday?

Beneficial rain for dry, fire prone areas in northern Ont.

Wildfire risks are high, here’s what travelers need to know

B.C.'s Fraser River flooding rivals that of 2012, here's why

Drought-stricken Prairies in line for month's worth of rain

Summertime ... and the hosting is easy!

Environmentally friendly entertaining

PHOTOS: Falcon family nests atop city hotel

What you do today can make or break your summer garden

The only THREE maps you'll need for Victoria Day

Another part of the country falls victim to May SNOW

Parched Prairies desperate for rain, extreme fire ratings

Tick bites may be preventable with new Canadian invention

How to clean your BBQ with an onion and 15 other pro tips

Troops dispatched to B.C., where are they heading?

PHOTOS: 10 flowers to bring pollinators to your garden

Officials warn of above average fire season ahead in Canada

Significant flood threat: tracking the next surge of water

Easy, breezy, summertime appetizers

Guests staying over? Avoid guest stress, enjoy the company

Eight TOXIC plants to stay far from this long weekend

Residents light paper lanterns in fire-stricken Prairies

Ontario beekeepers suffer devastating losses

FOUR massive dust devils within a week on Canadian soil

Elimination diet: How to diagnose and treat food allergies

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