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For the past several weeks the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have been inundated with thousands of ice balls and while it may look like the staging ground for an epic snowball fight, meteorologists say the formation of the boulders is actually a natural phenomenon.

More snow ahead of 'warm-up' for Atlantic Canada

Bus cancellations, schools closed amid freezing rain in Ont.

In Pictures: 30 cm of snow buries St. John's, Nfld.

'Blue Monday' looms. Here are five ways to fight it

Red seadragon caught on camera in the wild for first time

Minor earthquake reported east of Halifax, Nova Scotia

BC avalanche risk rises to dangerous level as rain continues

White-knuckle moment as driver weaves through four moose

Avoiding a pileup rests on remembering these driving tips

Pattern Reversal Brings a Widespread January Thaw

Risk of icy roadways, snow squalls next for Atlantic Canada

Extreme cold strikes the Prairies ahead of 40-degree warm-up

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