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Who'll finally see a break from the rain? Details here.

Your morning briefing: Four things to know

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, June 14, 2014, 8:38 AM -

The last week was a rainy one for most of Canada, with more of the same in store for Saturday.

But temperatures were, for the most part, warm, and not everyone can look forward to another rainy day.

Here's a look at what happened, and what's to come.

More rain in Atlantic Canada

The rain is still coming on the East Coast, with the heaviest amounts expected in eastern New Brunswick and much of Nova Scotia.

With summer only a few days away, it is very much thunderstorm season in Canada, with some risk in Atlantic Canada.

Fortunately, the risk is restricted to western Nova Scotia, and thunderstorms that develop should be non-severe.

While the region should see a return to warmer temperatures early next week, Friday, for the most part, did not feature many temperatures above 20C.

Here's a look at what the region experienced on Friday:

Heavy rain and storm surge in Quebec

The rainy system that is set to drench the Maritimes already soaked Quebec on Friday, with more than 50 mm recorded in some places and an astonishing 70 mm in Montreal.

While the rain is clearing out, people in Quebec City had to contend with high winds on Saturday morning.

The Quebec capital region was under a storm surge warning, with Environment Canada advising people to prepare for localized coastal flooding due to a "combination of strong northeasterly winds and the current high tidal range."

That warning was expected to drop later in the morning, and the rain is currently moving out of the region.

Rainy northern Ontario

Meanwhile, rain is NOT in the forecast for southern Ontario, after several days of showers and the occasional downpour.

But while the skies were rainy, the temperatures were, for the most part, rosy. 

Here's a look at Friday's highs:

The big rain story on Saturday will be in the northwest, which is set for a soaking.

The region was under a special weather statement Saturday morning, warning of at-times heavy rain and some thunderstorms, through Sunday.

Alberta's first tornado

Friday, meanwhile, was a stormy one as well on the Prairies, with severe thunderstorms in parts of the region.

They were powerful enough to produce at least two funnel clouds, one of which touched down near the community of Gleichen, Alta.

No damage was reported, and Environment Canada is calling it a landspout tornado.

More thunderstorm risk is in the offing for the Prairies, in southern Saskatchewan and much of eastern Alberta.

By Sunday, the thunderstorm risk will be concentrated almost entirely in Alberta, but is forecast to be mostly non-severe at this time.

And there's still some rain to fall in Alberta and Saskatchewan, into Sunday night.

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