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Star Trek mansion for sale

You can own a mansion with a Star Trek Enterprise bridge for a mere $35 million

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    Friday, May 30, 2014, 1:16 PM - Do you consider yourself an ultimate Trekkie? Well a venture capitalist in Florida probably has you beat.

    He's such a fan of Star Trek, he has a replica next generation enterprise bridge in his mansion.

    And now it could be YOURS, for a mere $35 million.

    NO CATCH: Check out the $1,000 mansion that's up for sale.

    It's a 27,000 square foot mansion in Boca Raton complete with a 1500 bottle wine cellar, full size basketball court and a kitchen and dining room big enough to feed Starfleet.

    "He was so fascinated by the show and he ended up buying actual uniforms and actual badges and phasers and everything and he wanted to recreate it at his own home," says Senada Adzem Douglas with Elliman Real Estate.

    The owner, Marc Bell, ended up getting a lot of his Star Trek items from different auction houses, but now he's moving to Miami.

    No catch: Check out the $1,000 mansion that's up for sale
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