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World's oldest living cat dies at ripe old age of 27

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, June 9, 2015, 10:01 AM - The world's oldest living cat is with us no more.

Tiffany Two, a black-and-orange tortoise shell cat, passed away last month at the advanced age of 27, and Guinness World Records claims she was the oldest feline living at the time of her death.

Her owner, Sharon Voorhees, says Tiffany Two usually slept beside her on a heated pad, and that is where she was found after apparently dying in her sleep.

"I feel okay about everything," she told ABC News. "I did have a long time with her and I feel the end was as perfect as it can be without morbidity. She just loved me to pieces and was clearly devoted to me."

Guinness says Tiffany Two was born on March 13, 1988, in San Diego, California, and bought by Voorhees at the age of six weeks for $10.

She long outlived Voorhees' two dogs who were born at around the same time. Her odd name is a tribute to an earlier cat that Voorhees owned in the 1970s.

Voorhees says despite her advanced age, she was in good shape, aside from blood pressure issues and other small ailments.

As astounding as her 27 years was, it's apparently a long way off from the all-time record. Guinness says that crown belongs to a cat from Texas, called Creme Puff, and died at the age of 38 in 2005.

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