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Snowfall warnings continue across Newfoundland, as parts of the Maritimes dig out of 25 cm of snow.

Winter storm slams Atlantic Canada, dangerous driving possible

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, February 6, 2014, 7:31 AM -

After pummeling southern Ontario, a fast-moving storm pushed into Atlantic Canada Wednesday bringing heavy snow, white-out conditions and blustery winds to the region. 

Environment Canada had issued snowfall warnings for parts of the southern Maritimes and Newfoundland as the Texas low made its way north from the U.S. eastern Seaboard. Those warnings have been dropped, with the exception of Newfoundland where the system is expected to taper off during the mid-morning hours.

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Snowfall totals

Snowfall totals

Cleanup was underway in Nova Scotia Thursday morning after being slammed the hardest by the system. Snowfall totals topped 25 cm in Yarmouth, followed closely by Antigonish at 22 cm. Halifax Airport picked up about 13 cm.

Conditions were made worse by the wind gusts which at times clocked in at more than 50 km/h. 

CLICK TO WATCH: see below as Nathan Coleman battles the elements in Halifax:

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Cancellations and delays continued in Nova Scotia Thursday morning as cleanup efforts were underway.

Meanwhile, snowfall warnings were still in effect for Newfoundland where up to 30 cm of snowfall is expected when all is said and done.

Parts of Atlantic Canada can expect to see some sea effect behind the system throughout the day, along with wind chill values feeling like minus 35 or colder. 

For a list of school closures across Newfoundland, click here.

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