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The Texas low targeting Ontario has Atlantic Canada in its sights. See when it's due to arrive today.

Winter storm en route to Atlantic Canada

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 6:40 AM -

STORM WATCH: Tune in on TV for regular updates on this system as it approaches.

Atlantic Canada is in the path of yet another system that will bring heavy snow to parts of the east coast, beginning in the late morning and lasting through the day

It's part of the same system that's currently making a mess of highways in Ontario Wednesday morning.

Snowfall warnings are in effect in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are expected to be the worst affected by this system, according to Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham.

"Snowfall potential is around 20 cm for Halifax, with 20-25 cm for southwestern Nova Scotia," he said. "Snowfall totals could top 20 cm over the Avalon Peninsula as well."

The southern parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland should also prepare for blowing snow potential, with wind gusts in the range of 60-90 km/h.

Southern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will also get some snow, up to 15 centimetres in many places.

The Maritime provinces saw some snow over the weekend, although that system changed over to a rain-snow mix, and then rain, as the system moved out.

Newfoundland, by contrast, saw heavier amounts of snow over the weekend, with parts of the Avalon getting more than 15 cm.

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