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After the thaw: Winter Part II has begun, here's the proof

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 12:18 PM - The Weather Network's Dr. Doug Gillham warned that THIS (see above and below) would happen  and after most of the country has experienced a balmy January thaw at one point or another, "Winter Part II" has begun. Spoiler alert: This pattern will persist through February and deep into March, so "we don't need a groundhog to tell us there will be six more weeks of winter," Gillham says. 

"Milder weather will briefly surge back into southern Ontario to the Maritimes on Wednesday, but a more extended period of arctic air reaches the Great Lakes on Thursday with lake effect snow squalls Thursday night and into Friday," Gillham says. "There will be significant snow for the Rockies and Alberta late this week with a couple of messy systems expected for Atlantic Canada." 

Although the multiple systems expected for B.C. this week and into next week will not be as moisture laden as what we have seen recently, snow totals will still be impressive for the Rockies and the Central and Northern Interior regions. In the Prairies, a couple of Pacific systems and an upslope flow will lead to an extended period of snow late week and into the weekend for Alberta. 

"The heaviest snow will fall in the foothills and the Elbow region of Alberta, putting a major dent in the snow drought in Edmonton," Gillham says. "Meanwhile, light to moderate snow totals are expected for southern and central Alberta, staying below seasonal late week with frigid weather into the weekend."

A potent clipper system will also bring more snow to the Great Lakes region and southern Quebec on Saturday with a widespread 5-10 cm expected with blowing and drifting snow. 

An active storm track will persist over eastern Canada into next week. 

The results are in: This winter is too cold

"The February pattern will resemble (but not duplicate) what we saw during late December and early January," Gillham says.

The above seasonal temperatures experienced across the country through the latter half of January were a remarkable contrast to the frigid weather that dominated December. In fact, some Canadians were even hopeful that the recent milder conditions were an indication of an early start to spring. 

Hopeful or not, the votes are in and over 60 percent of those who answered our latest poll question said, our "Wintermission" was just a tease. And while the majority of those who voted in a poll last week said that this winter so far has been too cold, another majority vote of 66 percent prefers temperatures to be consistent, even if that means cold. 

Frigid February

Much of the country can expect consistently cold temperatures in what Gillham is calling a "frigid February." 

"As we head towards the middle of February, the arctic air is expected to press further south and east and become more consistent from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes," Gillham says. "Meanwhile, across western Canada a milder and drier pattern is expected to develop across British Columbia and at times the mild Pacific air will spread east into Alberta. However, several reinforcing shots of arctic air will bring abrupt endings to any periods of milder weather that reach Prairies."

IN PHOTOS: Winter makes a ferocious comeback for the last week of January (and this is just the beginning): 

Watch below: Winter's bold return, frigid and stormy for who?

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