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Ontario wind turbine snaps in two, investigation underway

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Friday, January 19, 2018, 7:03 PM - A wind turbine in southwestern Ontario has all but snapped in two, prompting the area's MPP to call for a halt to similar projects in the area until safety concerns are addressed.

Lambton—Kent—Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton tweeted out a photo of the turbine, in Chatham-Kent east of Windsor, and it was rapidly picked up by various media outlets.

The turbine is owned by TerraForm Power, while the Blackburn News says the collapse happened overnight. 

"We are currently investigating the cause of the issue. In the meantime, we have secured the immediate area around the turbine and taken the full facility off-line as a precaution as we conduct a site inspection," company spokesman Chad Reed said in a email to CTV news.

The provincial environment and labour ministries are also investigating. In the meantime, the turbine is not connected to the grid, and no injuries have been reported.

“The area will be fenced off and secured. They’ll have to disassemble this and make it safe so that what is left there is not a danger to anyone if it fell over," Chatham-Kent Police Sergeant Paul Pomajba told the News. "Windmills are new to the area and this is the first that we’ve seen in this area that has sustained this damage."

McNaughton, for his part, called for the provincial government to put the brakes on two planned turbine projects nearby.

"There are safety concerns," he told CBC News. "There are many families that live near these turbines."

SOURCES: CBC News | Blackburn News

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