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Will it be a white Christmas? The Weather Network delivers its Ho! Ho! Snow Report

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    Monday, December 22, 2014, 4:01 PM -

    Christmas storm system may bring snow and holiday travel woes to Eastern Canada

    With many parts of southern Canada currently without snow, The Weather Network’s meteorologists have been keeping a close eye on storm systems across the country to see if Canadians will get the white Christmas they’ve been dreaming about.   

    Interestingly, while all major Canadian cities were at or above normal temperatures for the first half of December, long-range weather models suggest that Canada will be transitioning to a below seasonal temperature pattern over the holiday season.  This includes a developing storm system emerging for Eastern Canada, which could bring a white Christmas (snow cover of two centimetres or more on Christmas morning at 7:00 a.m.) and holiday travel headaches to residents of Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec. 

    Christmas/Boxing Day Storm
    While a repeat of last year’s ice storm isn’t expected, weather models suggest a storm system will affect Central Canada through to Atlantic Canada sometime from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day. Details including timing, storm track and exact precipitation type have yet to be determined, but there is the potential for snow, rain, freezing rain, as well as strong winds. Holiday travellers should plan ahead and check The Weather Network’s Precip Start Stop and the recently enhanced Road Conditions to stay safe and avoid travel headaches. 

    On the other side of the country, a couple of weak Alberta Clippers could add a bit of snow accumulation across the Prairies, while British Columbia is in line for a rainy Christmas with quite a bit of moisture en route for the southern coastal areas of the province.

    Will Santa bring snow?
    On Monday, December 22 and Tuesday, December 23, The Weather Network’s meteorologists are available to let you know exactly what weather conditions are in store for your region leading up to Christmas and over the holidays. You can also get a general idea of which major cities across Canada can expect a white Christmas below:

    Vancouver    Slight Chance
    Victoria    No Chance
    Edmonton    Guaranteed
    Calgary    Probable
    Regina    Guaranteed
    Saskatoon    Guaranteed
    Winnipeg    Guaranteed
    Thunder Bay    Guaranteed
    London    Slight Chance
    Toronto    Slight Chance
    Ottawa    Probable
    Montreal    Probable
    Quebec     Guaranteed
    Saguenay    Guaranteed
    Fredericton    Probable
    Halifax    No Chance
    Charlottetown    Slight Chance
    St. John’s    No Chance
    Whitehorse    Guaranteed
    Yellowknife    Guaranteed
    Iqaluit    Guaranteed

    Weather forecasts may change, so for the most current weather information tune in on TV or visit www.theweathernetwork.com, or download the app when you’re on the go from www.theweathernetwork.com/weather-apps/mobile.

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