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Unfortunately, it might be something you can't control.

Will bugs interrupt your long weekend plans?

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Thursday, August 28, 2014, 8:41 AM - For many Canadians, the Labour Day weekend signifies the unofficial end to the summer season.

It's one of the last opportunities to enjoy the outdoors before heading back to school and work as the countdown to autumn (and cooler weather) begins.

Whether you plan to camp, spend time at the cottage or just hang out around the house, the thought of pesky bugs can always be a nuisance to your plans.

Will they interrupt your final summer vacations? Thankfully, no!

BUG REPORT: Check the bug activity forecast in your area.

"The peak of nuisance, meaning when mosquitoes impinge on the quality of life of humans by their considerable number, has been reached in mid-June early July depending on the region," says Alexandre Rocheleau with GDG Environment. "Their presence will now decrease for the rest of the summer."

Although the "peak of nuisance" has already been reached, Rocheleau says there are over 60 species of mosquitoes and about the same amount of black flies species in eastern Canada.

"So depending on the region you will be during the long weekend, it’s possible to encounter more bugs than you should," Rocheleau explains. "It’s because the nuisances change from one ecosystem to another."


It's been a relatively cool and wet summer across many parts of Canada this year, but that hasn't necessarily increased or decreased the bug count for the year.

"The late spring followed by sustained rainfall resulted in an overlap of the emergence of mosquito species, giving the impression that there are more biting insects than usual," Rocheleau explains. "In fact, their number is about the same, it is just that all species arrived simultaneously due to the specificity of the 2014 season."

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According to Rocheleau, the lack of consecutive warmer days during July allowed the mosquitoes to live longer during the summer months.

"In some regions, the rainy days caused enough stagnant water to cause more breeding areas and facilitate the proliferation of mosquitoes," he says.


Covering up exposed skin and wearing insect repellent when outdoors is useful.

GDG always recommends that you check with your public health unit and if you choose to use any kind of repellent, that you read and follow the label carefully.

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