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Why we struggle with motivation and taking that first step

Sheryl Plouffe
Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network

Monday, August 18, 2014, 9:00 AM - If you’re like most people, you've started a workout program before, only to find that one to two weeks later, you've completely fallen off the bandwagon.

Sadly, if this happens enough, it may cause you to completely give up on trying to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Therefore, getting to the heart of the problem – why it is you struggle with motivation in the first place – is essential for success.

Here are four reasons why you may be finding it hard to stay the course:

1. You Aren’t Doing It For Personal Reasons

The very first reason for not being able to stick with a plan is if you aren’t doing it for yourself.

Remember, while it’s great to look good for others or feel your best at a reunion to impress your former classmates, this isn't really going to be enough motivation to keep you pushing onward for the long haul.

You need to find a reason to get fit for you and only you. Ask yourself why the steps you’re about to take are so important?

GETTY- Iconogenic|E+

GETTY- Iconogenic|E+

2. You’re Worried About Changes That May Occur

The second reason you may be struggling to stay motivated is if you are subconsciously worried about changes that could take place and this is causing you to sabotage yourself.

For instance, you may be worried that you will get more attention when you improve your appearance and you aren't sure if you’re quite ready for this yet.

Or, you may worry that people may think of you differently and you’ll get a negative reaction when you are constantly watching what you eat and skipping outings to hit the gym instead.

These can be reasons that you don’t fully commit to the plan you are aiming to do, therefore leaving you open to falling off the bandwagon entirely.

Try and identify if any of these issues are taking place. If they are, take steps to overcome them. Personal development or Self-help reading can help in this area.

3. You’re Stuck In Negative Thought Patterns

Do you utilize negative self-talk on a regular basis? If so, this could be what’s preventing you from sticking with the plan.

Start making more of an effort to tune into yourself and begin listening to what you are saying. If you are constantly berating yourself with negative self-doubts, that is going to eventually catch up to you.

Sooner or later you will believe all these statements and this can hinder your tenacity to keep going. If you believe you can’t – you can’t. It’s that simple.

Whenever you catch yourself in a negative statement, stop yourself and replace it with two positive statements instead.

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4. You Have No Support System

Finally, the last reason you may not be making progress as you had hoped is if you are going at it alone. A support system is key for sticking with it, so make sure that you have others on your 'team.'

Having someone to turn to during the harder times when you feel like giving up can do the trick to keeping you committed and pushing forward.

If you can find someone to do the plan with you, even better.

So have a look at your current approach. Are any of these possible factors at play? If they are, you’ll want to make sure that you are taking steps to minimize them so that the next time you start up on a program, you can stay motivated for good.

Do you have trouble getting or staying motivated? Let me know in the comment section below.

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