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What’s the most dangerous day of the week to drive?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 2:40 PM -

Have you ever wondered which day is the most unsafe to be on the roads? Police statistics from 2011 found that Tuesdays were the day with the most pedestrian and cyclist collisions. Interestingly, Mondays were the day that people were least likely to get struck. 

Cyclists being side-swiped by vehicles and pedestrians being hit by vehicles attempting to turn are the top causes of injury. 

It is unsure why Tuesdays surpass other days in the number of collisions, although this is a good reminder to be cautious around roads. That being said, here are some road safety tips for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. 

Safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians: 

  • Be aware: Always be on the lookout. Make sure you know what lies ahead of you and what vehicles and/or objects are close by. This is especially important for cyclists, as they typically share the road with cars. Take a close look at if there are sewer drains or other imperfections in the road that you may need to get around and try not to suddenly swerve to avoid such hazards. 

  • Limit distractions: this is directed more at pedestrians. There are many times where pedestrians can be seen completely consumed in a conversation or in the music they are listening to. Do not think you are invincible because you are on the sidewalk. After all, there are times when you cross paths with drivers. 

  • Eye contact: Although pedestrians have the right of way, there are many times where drivers get confused on whether you are going to cross the road or not. Before you cross, make eye contact with them. If you are not crossing, you can gesture them to go. If they don’t make eye contact with you, do not proceed onto the road. By making sure that they see you, you are diminishing your chance of getting struck by a vehicle.  

  • Road signals: As a cyclist it is important that you know and use hand signals. If you are going left signal such. Make yourself familiar with the signals by referring to the image below.

  • Obey the rules of the road: There are many times where cyclists want to be treated as cars and other times where they feel they are ‘above the law’. If you plan on biking on the road you need to do just as other cars do. If there is a stop sign, STOP. If you hit a red light but there are no cars coming from the other direction, do not feel you can go into the intersection. 

Tips for Drivers: 

  • Slow down on turns: While you may be in a hurry, it does not mean that you should be zipping around corners. If making a right turn, ensure there are no pedestrians or cyclists that are about to cross the road. Check your mirrors and blind spot as well before you pull to the right to make the turn. 

  • Eyes on the road: As we all know, drivers should never be texting or talking on the phone. Also, if you are using a GPS be sure to set it before you put your car in drive. And please do not attempt other activities such as eating or applying makeup. 

  • Move lanes: If you see a cyclist up ahead and see that the lane is quite narrow, they are taking up much of the lane, or they are moving from side-to-side, get into the left lane (when available). It is much better than the alternative of trying to squeeze past them. If you are on a one lane street, slow down as you approach them and try to go over to the left as much as possible. 

  • Give right-of-way: cyclists and pedestrians always have the right of way. Do not eagerly try and ‘push’ them to go faster by inching forward or speed up because you think you can ‘make it’ before they cross. 

Have any other safety tip suggestions? Tell us in the comments!

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