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What will winter bring? The Weather Network shares its Winter Outlook

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    Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 10:12 AM -

    The Weather Network’s meteorologists have issued this year’s Winter Outlook, forecasting the months of December, January and February. Most of Canada will experience a changeable, highly variable winter weather pattern meaning periods of storms offset by periods of quiet conditions. While temperatures for most of the country are expected to average close to normal over the winter season, both warm and cold extremes are likely at times.

    The expected changeable winter weather pattern is partly due to a lack of El Niño or La Niña conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which drive global weather patterns. This neutral condition, dubbed ‘La Nada’, means storm tracks are less established and persistent, which leads to highly variable weather in Canada.

    “Most regions will see typical temperatures and precipitation, but won’t be locked in to one type of weather for the winter season. Canadians can expect to see a lot of variability in the weather this year,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network.  “Just as you get used to a certain type of weather, it will likely change.”

    A stormy start to winter

    Break out your Canada Goose parka. Canadians will be on a wild weather rollercoaster over the next two weeks.  First off, a major storm will affect all of Eastern Canada from Southern Ontario to Newfoundland over the next couple days. Southern and Eastern Ontario will see snow from this system with the heaviest amounts falling in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Valleys.  Quebec will see a mix of heavy snow and rain while Atlantic Canada receives heavy rain and strong winds.

    While Eastern Canada quiets down this weekend, Western Canada will become stormy.  After a reprieve from bitter arctic air, much of interior BC and the Prairies will be plunged into the deep freeze again behind a large storm system that will affect much of BC and Alberta with the possibility of heavy snow early next week.


    The Weather Network’s Winter 2014 Outlook


    Temperature Outlook

    Precipitation Outlook

    British Columbia

    Below normal expected for Haida Gwaii; the North and Central Coasts, including inland sections; parts of the Bulkley valley and the Chilcotin; and northern Vancouver Island.  Near normal elsewhere.

    Below normal forecast for Haida Gwaii; the North and Central Coasts, including neighbouring inland sections.  Near normal elsewhere.


    Near normal.

    Near normal.


    Near normal.

    Near normal.


    Near normal almost everywhere but a small area of above normal temperatures in the Hudson Bay Lowlands near the Ontario border.

    Near normal.


    Near normal except for portions of the Hudson Bay Lowlands where above normal temperatures are more likely.

    Near normal.


    Above normal temperatures in the far north.  Near normal across the southern and central tiers of the province.

    Above normal precipitation in the far north.  Near normal across the southern and central tiers of the province.

    The Maritimes and Newfoundland

    Above normal across Nova Scotia and eastern P.E.I along with the southeastern half of Newfoundland.  Near normal elsewhere.

    Near normal almost everywhere except for above normal across the extreme northern part of the Torngat Mountains.

    Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

    Generally near normal except for islands in northern Hudson Bay and extreme southern Baffin Island where above average temperatures are expected.

    Above normal in southeast coastal Baffin Island and northern Hudson Bay; and in a northwest-southeast stretch from the far northern Yukon and Mackenzie River delta through northern N.W.T to Yellowknife.  Near normal elsewhere.

    Downloadable maps and more information about The Weather Network’s Winter Outlook is available online at www.theweathernetwork.com/outlook


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