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Find out what to pack when you go trick-or-treating tonight.

HALLOWEEN: Frightful forecast in the east, mild and pleasant in the west

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    Thursday, October 31, 2013, 9:16 AM -

    TRICK OR TREAT: Tune into The Weather Network on TV for the Halloween edition of the GTA drive home show, starting at 3 pm EST on Thursday. Hosted by Jaclyn Whittal and Suzanne Leonard.

    ONTARIO AND QUEBEC- Frightful forecast

    Halloween has arrived and so have the spooky conditions in some places.

    Periods of rain began across southwestern Ontario early Thursday with unsettled conditions expected to persist throughout the day. 

    That means for trick-or-treaters putting the final touches on a Halloween costume, you may want to throw some rain boots and a poncho into the mix. 

    "A general 15-30 mm of rain is expected across the 401 corridor, with amounts of 30-50 mm farther north near Georgian Bay and the Huron shores," says Gina Ressler a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "This rainfall may cause localized flooding where drains haven’t been cleared of leaves or other debris."

    Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for much of the region, with damaging wind gusts expected as well.

    "As the centre of the low passes Thursday overnight into Friday, strong and potentially damaging winds will develop across southern Ontario and southern Quebec," warns Ressler. "These winds could bring down tree branches or power lines, and as such, power outages are possible."

    Ressler adds that the winds will peak across southwestern Ontario early Friday morning with gusts up to 90 km/h likely. Gusts in excess of 100 km/h are possible along the northern and eastern shores of the lakes. 

    "Gusts in excess of 100 km/h are possible near Kingston / Prince Edward County and near Montreal on Friday afternoon," Ressler says.

    ALBERTA- Wickedly warm

    Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for central and northern Alberta -- and it contains a bit of good news.

    "In the wake of the winter-like trick Mother Nature played on much of Alberta this past weekend, many portions of central and northern Alberta will be experiencing a warmer-than-normal weather treat over the next couple of days," the weather agency says in the statement.

    Thursday's temperatures are expected to be about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than seasonal.

    Still, even mild conditions will feel chilly after sunset, so if you plan on trick-or-treating, make sure you pile on the layers.

    It's also important to stay safe on the roads as the little ghosts and goblins may be difficult to see.

    For more details on the Halloween weather, check out the 2013 Halloween Outlook

    If you plan on dressing up or have decorated your house this year, send us your spooky Halloween photos! You can upload them here and they may be featured on our website or on TV.

    "Sugar Skull Style Pumpkins"-- Nicole Watson. Send us your Halloween photos!

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