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Welcome to the future: 3D printing could make lost luggage obsolete

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, June 2, 2014, 1:17 PM - Imagine a world where lost luggage doesn't exist. Some say this is well within our reach, thanks to 3D printing.

In the future, all our worldly possessions may be able to be reduced to a digital file, not unlike the images and audio files we currently share online.

It's a possibility that Janne Kyttanen has put on display through a concept art gallery called Lost Luggage.

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It's an incredible idea: Imagine emailing a digital code containing the specs of your clothing and accessories to a hotel, where it would be printed up and waiting for you when you arrive.

"Send your luggage in an email, travel the world unencumbered and arrive at your destination to find your luggage waiting for you," Kyttanen's website says.

"Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen is a 3D printed Platform Bag that contains several items: Le69 Handbag, 4 in 1 Dress, Mashup Shoes, St Tropez Cuff, Drivers, Fat Shades, Superkitch and Love Buster. It’s printed in one operation."

The gallery was on display at Rotterdam's Galerie VIVID until April 20 -- but the concept continues to make headlines.

Still -- there's no word on what happens to the luggage when travelers decide to return home, raising questions about the potential environmental impact of the concept.

PHOTOS: LOST LUGGAGE - Courtesy: Janne Kyttanen

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