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Fog. Snow. Rain. Mud. Ice. Nothing can stop the Grey Cup

Weather Woes: Five memorable Grey Cups

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Rodrigo Cokting
Staff writer

Saturday, November 28, 2015, 4:53 PM -

If you're heading down to the Investors Group Field on Sunday, make sure to bundle up. While the day is expected to have tranquil and quiet weather with temperatures hovering around average, windchill will make 6 C feel closer to 11. Of course, that's nowhere near the worst weather Winnipeg has historically seen this weekend. In 1985, temperatures dropped down to -33.4 C while November 1958 saw more than 50 cm on the ground. 

As for the Grey Cup, let's take a look at some of the times that the players also had to face the weather on the field. 

The 38th Grey Cup - "Mud Bowl" 

The Toronto Argonauts were set to take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers back on November 25, 1950. Unfortunately the day before the game, a snow storm covered the field in a thick blanket of snow. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to clear the turf, but ended up damaging it. The situation wasn't helped by the rain that fell the morning of the game. Both teams struggled to move through the muddy, torn up field but in the end the Argos took home the win 13-0. 

The 50th Grey Cup - "Fog Bowl" 

The game started on December 1, 1962 and saw the Bombers take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Toronto's Exhibition Stadium. The cold air from Lake Ontario led to a thick fog rolling over the field, and causing trouble for the players. The situation worsened as the day went on and officials were forced to suspend the game with Winnipeg ahead 28-27. The game carried on the next day but the score stayed the same, giving the Bombers the win. 

The 65th Grey Cup - "Ice Bowl" 

The Olympic Stadium may have a roof today, but back in 1977 it was an open stadium. Montreal is no stranger to cold in November and the days before the game were no exception. A blizzard left the field covered in snow, which officials proceeded to melt. But the drop in temperature left the turf covered in a thin sheet of ice, forcing the Montreal Alouettes and the Edmonton Eskimos to face each other and the terrain. The Alouettes turned the ice to their advantage by adding staples to the bottoms of their shoes to get better traction. The Montreal team ended up beating the Eskimos by a score of 41-6. 

The 70th Grey Cup - "Rain Bowl" 

The Eskimos were also part of the CFL championship game back in 1982 when they faced the Toronto Argonauts in Toronto's Exhibition Stadium. The game was played under some pretty rough weather conditions, as the rain and cold proved challenging for the players. The Eskimos won that game, but Toronto didn't leave empty-handed. Fans rallied at Toronto City Hall chanting "We want a dome!" which they would eventually have in the form of the SkyDome, now Rogers Centre. 

The 84th Grey Cup - "Snow Bowl" 

The Argos and the Eskimos faced off in 1996 as well at the Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario. Heavy snow covered the field and tractors had to be brought in to remove it before the game and at half time. Despite the bad weather, the Argos defeated the Eskimos 43-37.

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