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Weather Dreams: Chased by a tornado!

Do you ever have weather dreams?

Do you ever have weather dreams?

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    Sheryl Plouffe
    Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network

    Thursday, May 2, 2013, 6:55 AM - I don’t remember my dreams for very long once I wake up. For a few minutes though I ask myself what it all meant. Last night for example, I dreamt I was caught in a torrential downpour in a shopping mall parking lot with no shoes on with a cold cut submarine sandwich in my hand. What could that possibly mean?

    Lauri Loewenberg is a Dream Expert and Author of Dream On It available at Amazon.ca. She was kind enough to analyze some weather dreams for us. You can get your own personal dream reading at: www.lauriloewenberg.com

    I asked on my Twitter feed @SherylPlouffe whether anyone had any weather dreams they’d like to share. Here is Lauri’s analysis of a few of those weather-related dreams:

    Recurring dreams are either connected to a recurring behavior pattern (whenever you exhibit the behavior you get the dream) or they are connected to an ongoing or recurring issue (for as long as the issue continues, so does the dream). Just as a tsunami is a huge swell of water that can overcome and sweep away all that is on land, you may find you get this dream whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities or emotions that are threatening to sweep you away from your normal routine... or from your sanity! The fact that you always reach high ground is a very good indication that you are always able to "rise above" the feeling of dread and fear and are able to carry on!

    The tornado is the most common weather dream we get. The nature of the approaching tornado is what I believe makes it such a popular dream symbol. If you’ve ever actually experienced a tornado, or even just watched one on TV, it is the waiting and wondering over the uncertainty of its path that impacts you the most, “Which way is it going to go? Is it going to hit my house? How bad will it be? How long until it gets here?” The element of bracing for possible disaster is what plays the biggest role in the meaning behind the tornado dream. So whenever there is something going on in your life that worries you, especially if it is something that may or may not affect you, you may find a tornado storming into your dreamscape.

    If you are a frequent tornado dreamer, then that is indicative that you are also a proud card carrying member of the worry wart club! As frightening as tornado dreams can be, they are actually good for you because they are alerting you to the fact that you are letting your worry and anxiety get the best of you… and it is often worry and anxiety over something that may not even cross your path. Your dream is showing you your own worry in the form of a tornado so that you can understand the destructive force it has on your psyche. If you can learn to "let go and let God," as they say, the tornado dreams will become less frequent and will eventually go away altogether!

    Other common weather dreams and what they mean...

    Rain - Just as rain falls down, down, down, something has you feeling down, down, down too. Rain drops in dreams are the tears drops of your inner mind. Rain in dreams is telling you that whatever is making you sad in real life; it's time to let the tears flow. A good cry will cleanse the psyche the same way a good rain will cleanse the air.

    Wind - The winds of change are likely blowing through your life right now. The stronger the winds, the more you may be resisting the change.

    Floods - The nature of a flood is it’s rising, overwhelming water, which causes an increasingly hazardous situation. As the water continues to rise the situation becomes more and more urgent. In that same vein, if a flood comes pouring into your dreamscape, you can bet it is connected to a situation in your waking life that is getting increasingly worse causing you to feel increasingly overwhelmed and in increasing need of help. Your flood dream is telling you that just like in an actual flood, waters eventually reside and so will this seemingly worsening situation.

    Snow and ice - There is a cold front running through your life. Are you the one that has grown emotionally cold towards something or someone, or is someone giving you the cold shoulder? What area of your life has frozen to a standstill? It is time to figure out if it is worth the effort to break the ice or move on to something or someone with a warmer climate.

    Sunny day - Nothing lifts your spirits like a warm, sunny day. We naturally equate sunny days to happiness and even tend to draw sunshines with smiley faces on them. When the sun shines in your dreams, odds are, you are beaming with happiness in waking life.

    An excerpt from Lauri’s book Dream On It…

    A roaring, thunderous tornado. Burning, searing heat. A torrential, pounding rainfall… The weather that is so often the backdrop in our dreams isn’t just there for dramatic effect; it serves a far more important purpose. Weather in dreams reflects the mood, the emotions you experienced the previous day. It is innate in us to associate various weather conditions with our various moods. Uncertainty is often described as being “in a fog.” Someone who is always cheerful has a “sunny” disposition. When you have lost interest in someone or something you have grown “cold.” It is no coincidence that temperament and temperature both come from the same root word tempus meaning season.

    Weather changes from one day to the next, even from one moment to the next, and so do our emotions. To the dreaming mind, our emotions are the weather conditions that form and flow within our psyche. Just as a meteorologist tracks the weather in order to keep us informed and prepared to handle the days ahead, so should we track and understand our psychological weather to keep us informed and prepared to handle our lives If you pay attention, your own dreaming mind will give you the most accurate and reliable emotional forecast available.

    Our emotions are an ever changing force within us just as the weather is an ever changing force in the atmosphere. When you are able to recognize the various weather patterns in your dreams as the various emotions you experience in waking life, you will be able to keep yourself in check, as they say. Your weather dreams serve as an emotional barometer and thermometer, helping you to measure your emotional pressure: your level of stress, and measure your emotional temperature: your emotional highs and lows. Your dreams can warn you when you are letting your worry overpower you, hence the tornado dream, and let you know when you are in a clear and positive state of mind, hence the sunny dreams. Thus you are then able to stay on top of and take control of your emotions rather than having your emotions control you. Accomplishing this allows you to “weather” anything life may throw at you.

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