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And with more rain in the forecast, it won't get better for a few days. Read more.

Waters rising in Ontario and Quebec

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, April 13, 2014, 4:54 PM -

A state of emergency remains in effect in the eastern Ontario community of Belleville, while authorities are keeping a close eye on communities across that province, and neighbouring Quebec, where floods have forced evacuations.

Belleville began experiencing flood conditions late last week, prompting the declaration, and some homes had already been flooded by Saturday.

With water levels on the area's rivers and lakes continuing to rise, and a couple more days of steady rain in the forecast, Belleville emergency services have been helping residents with sandbagging, and appealing for volunteers.

Around 70 homes have been sandbagged, and more than 480 volunteers are pitching in.

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Flood forecasters expect the water levels to be high for several days yet, but on Sunday, Quinte Conservation, which monitors the watershed in the area, said water levels on the Moira River have stabilized, and should stay that way if rains remain light upstream.

A spokeswoman for Quinte Conservation said the levels have reached the extent of the 2008 floods, a 10-year event which saw several homes inundated and remains the worst flooding in that area in recent memory.

Belleville is so far the only community to have declared a state of emergency, but other communities may have to follow suit.

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Flood warnings are in effect in several provincial waterways across Ontario.

The Weather Network was live from West Montrose in southwest Ontario Sunday morning, where water levels are also rising.

Weather Network reporter Natalie Thomas said the Grand River is higher than yesterday, and firefighters are going door-to-door along riverside communities to remind residents to watch the water and prepare to take action if needed.

TUNE IN: We'll have regular updates on the flood situation throughout the day on The Weather Network on TV.

Rainfall warnings are in effect over a large stretch of Ontario and Quebec, but even areas which are not in a warning are at risk of flooding, if the conditions are right.

With files from the Canadian Press.

In Quebec, numerous rivers are either under surveillance, or experiencing flooding.

Up to 45 mm of rain could fall on the province on Sunday, and areas still with snowpack or still-frozen ground could see even more flooding, due to an incoming warm front that is expected to drive temperatures up to the 20-degree mark.

Parts of the Chaudière River are experiencing moderate flooding, thanks to a kilometre-long ice jam that has caused the river to spill its banks in the town of Beauceville on Saturday.

The Weather Network's sister channel Meteo Media reported dozens of residents had to be evacuated as the floods affected 60 homes and businesses.

Part of Highway 173 had to be closed due to water and ice on the roads, while in Drummondville, homes on two streets had to be evacuated as the Saint-François River rose on Saturday.

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