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Water balloon fight falls short of world record

Sunday, August 10, 2014, 1:43 PM - Thousands of people gathered in Airway Heights hoping to break the world record for largest water balloon fight.

The weather was great for the event with temperatures rising above 30. Volunteers spent all of Saturday filling about 350,000

The current record was held by Kentucky University with more than 8,900 people meeting in 2011 for a balloon fight that used 100,000 water balloons.

Unfortunately only 6,700 people showed up which put them more than 2000 people short of their goal.

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Water balloon mastery

If having a water balloon fight sounds like a good idea then maybe you should check out some of these interesting ideas.

Bunch O Balloons is a product that recently raised more than $850,000 on kickstarter and allows you to fill in tie hundreds of balloons in a matter of minutes. The Texas-based product has been featured in dozens of television shows and is on track to reach its goal of $1 million in fundraising very soon.

The product was created by Josh Malone, 41, after realizing he was spending too much time filling balloons for his eight kids and not enough time enjoying them. Malone, who describes himself as a thinker and inventor, said he will use the money to being mass production of his product.

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