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WATCH: Heartbreak as weather grounds chalk art plane

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    Jamil Hussein
    Digital News Editor

    Monday, August 18, 2014, 10:00 AM -

    Not only was the historic display in Herne Bay to reunite the last two airworthy Lancaster bombers cancelled due to poor weather, an aeroplane mural created for the event was also grounded.

    Marvellous Murals, who were painting the mural for Bay Day air display, spent four hours creating the 3D chalk artwork before rain grounded the plane. 

    “Sometimes, when you are creating chalk art, you have a lovely day out by the seaside and everyone is really enjoying themselves and you nearly get to the end of your artwork - and then the weather turns particularly British. All you can do is grin and bare it, “ said Marvellous Murals, which consists of artists Dean Tweedy and Jaime Richards, on its Facebook page. 

    Due to the high winds, organisers of the Bay Day air display also had to cancel the display to reunite the world's only two surviving airworthy Lancaster bombers.

    But thousands still braved the weather to see plenty of other action, including a Typhoon, the Turbulent display team and stunt pilot Justyn Gorman.

    Thumb image: Marvellous Murals

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