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WATCH: Orca whales attack tiger shark

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, September 29, 2014, 1:55 PM -

*WARNING: Graphic content*

Even though they almost never actually attack humans, sharks are cemented in the popular imagination as the most dangerous things in the sea.

So it's a little disconcerting - and somewhat pity-inducing - to see one being mercilessly hunted by killer whales in the video above.

The footage, shot off the coast of Costa Rica by Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach, may be the first of its kind, according to Power, who is a marine photographer.

"I have been lucky enough to witness some amazing things in and on the ocean - but this was unbelievable," she told the Daily Mail in the UK. "I believe this is the first time orcas hunting tiger sharks has been documented - we were all fairly awestruck."

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The 2.1-metre tiger shark had no chance against its three attackers, which wore it down gradually and kept it near the surface before finally delivering the killing blow.

At one point, Power told the Daily Mail the shark lunged at the boat, almost as if trying to seek shelter. The boat's occupants were not allowed in the water, so the footage was shot from aboard the craft.

Once the shark was dead, Power said it seemed as the orcas were almost playing with their food, taking their time eating their quarry.

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