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Produced in glorious 4K ultra high definition

Watch NASA's latest aurora time lapse in ultra high-def

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 7:58 AM - If you're weary with the world, NASA always seems to have something that'll improve your mood.

Sometimes it's new science, sometimes it's a smart tweet from a media-savvy astronaut. This time, it's the time lapse up above, capturing at hyperspeed the aurora borealis in the north, and the aurora australis in the south.

The phenomenon happens when charged particles hit the Earth's upper atmosphere, and are typically more visible at higher latitudes. They do occasionally creep down to lower latitudes, rewarding dark-sky viewers in Canada every now and then, especially in B.C. and the Prairies.

NASA has an even better vantage point, and often puts out spectacular time lapses, but this one is a little beefier than usual: It was produced for NASA TV in 4K ultra-high definition, a real feast for people who are capable of viewing it that way.

The space agency has a list of requirements for how to view its stuff in HD, and a browse of its YouTube channel is usually a worthwhile exercise.

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