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These are tent caterpillars...hundreds of thousands of them - covering a house in Saskatchewan. The province is in a boom period for tent caterpillars.

WATCH: Massive caterpillar infestation swarms home

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 6:10 PM - It's tent caterpillar season in Saskatchewan, and their numbers are noticeably abundant this year, much to the regret of one woman in near Saskatoon.

Tammi Hanowski has gone viral since posting photos and videos of a massive infestation at her home, with countless thousands of the insects swarming every available outdoor surface.

Several media outlets have picked up the story, as the problem just seemed to get worse for Hanowski.

"My deck is probably the worst it has ever been. They are just all over the house, the barn, the pool and everywhere,” Hanowski told Global News this week.

Though tent caterpillars are largely harmless to humans, they can be a serious pest, as some seasons can bring them in such numbers that they can defoliate large stretches of trees.

As for Hanowski, as of Saturday morning, it seems an end to her ordeal is in sight. Pest control company Poulin's responded to one of Hanowski's Facebook videos offering to take care of the problem and asking her to get in touch with the company's Saskatoon branch.

It looks like Hanowski took them up on their offer, as a crew arrived at her house Saturday morning to spray the area. Still, the prolonged infestation took its toll on her property.

"You can see that there are no leaves left on her trees, these caterpillars have demolished them all," Poulin's wrote on Facebook Saturday.

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SOURCE: Global News | Tammi Hanowski

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