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Fitting for St. Patrick's day as the sky "suddenly flashed green and then pale yellow".

WATCH: Fireball flashes across the skies in Metro Vancouver

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Friday, March 17, 2017, 4:18 PM - Appropriately for the day before St. Patrick's Day, the blazing space rock streaking across the skies of Metro Vancouver briefly blazed green as it burned up in the atmosphere.

The fireball was spotted late Thursday night by Georgia Straight writer Tammy Kwan, who captured the flash on the dashcam of her vehicle around 9:40 p.m.

Aside from the skies, it also lit up Twitter not just in Metro Vancouver, but in the U.S. Pacific Northwest as well, where it was seen as far away as Oregon and Idaho.

The American Meteor Society, whose website documents meteor sightings, received around 74 reports about the fireball.

"It lit the sky up like it was the middle of day and even though it only lasted for a couple seconds the passenger in my car and myself were amazed at how it came out of nowhere and how bright it was," one commenter wrote. "It was an experience we will never forget."

A meteor is the technical name for a space rock that enters the Earth's atmosphere. Though many of them burn up on entry, occasionally some survive to strike the earth, technically called meteorites.

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SOURCE: Georgia Strait | American Meteor Society

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