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A Swiss A320 passenger jet made a so-called “touch and go-around” after an approach in strong crosswinds at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on Sunday, November 20.

WATCH: Ferocious winds forces pilot to abort landing

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Monday, November 21, 2016, 3:47 PM - Strong crosswinds forced a pilot on a Swiss A320 passenger jet to abort landing as it approached Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport Sunday.

In the video above, the aircraft is seen attempting to land while being rocked by fierce winds. The plane teeters from side-to-side as it reaches the runway and at one point, it appears the aircraft turns sideways.

It briefly makes contact with the ground, but seconds later the plane is seen taking off into the sky. 

While this may be concerning for some, pilots train to land in crosswinds and are taught to perform a "touch and go-around" if they cannot land at the correct angle.

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Fortunately, the aircraft made a successful landing about 10 minutes after the incident on the same runway.

The dramatic video was posted to YouTube on Nov. 20 and has since gained over 360,000 views.

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Amsterdam was one of many countries battered by Storm Angus over the weekend. France, Belgium and Netherlands also experienced strong winds.


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