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What started as a good summer turned sour in Alberta as flood waters ravaged the province in June. What happened? How did people cope? And why was Alberta hit so badly?

Behind the rising water, a Weather Network exclusive

Monday, August 26, 2013, 1:00 PM -

Big clouds means big weather ...

In August, The Weather Network aired a special on television investigating and explaining the summer floods to occur on different dates in Alberta and Ontario. The special, which takes insight from meteorologists, reporters and eye-witnesses to the Calgary and Toronto floods is now available to be viewed online in a series of short videos.

Behind The Rising Water is about our response to the Alberta flood event and the balance of emotion and journalism our team struggled with while watching the story unfold.

The special talks about the weather system that caused the Alberta flood, what it was like in the days leading up, how everyone responded to seeing the shocking images, how they covered the story from all angles, and then moves into the warm and fuzzy feeling everyone got as we saw the community band together to clean up and put on the Stampede. Then we compare/contrast the Toronto flood briefly, and finish off with a discussion of why the city landscapes responded the way they did, and what the future holds for urban planning, hydrology & meteorology working more closely together, and whether this is something people need to worry about happening more often. As bad as the flooding was, the cleanup wasn't much better. The Weather Network was there covering the story and was amazed to see how the community came together to help each other in relief efforts.

In addition, Hell or High Water, the incredible and original song heard in the television presentation was written and performed by Canadian musician Blake Reid. To hear the song in its entirety and more from Blake download it here, on Blake's official web site. 

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